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The variety of possible emergency situations is quite broad and you cannot possibly predict all things that can happen to you. While the world became more complicated and we became much better protected from threats of the world around us, progress brought a new set of problems that can be just as dangerous. Financial mishaps and things that may bring upon you unexpected expenses are only some of them.

With the complexity of our lifestyles changing and becoming more and more rich, the number of risks that possess a financial danger to our lives increases as well. Amongst possible events that can affect your financial situations we can name several most common:

On top of that, there are more serious problems such as changing tires for a new season or getting ill out of blue. Medical bills can pile up really quickly and paying them on time is sometimes more important than thinking about a distant debt. This is why same day loans became so pivotal for many people in modern America.

Time Means Everything

Complicated bank credits and various credit products offered by specialized financial companies are not the quickest of services. Some banks take anywhere from a week to a month to decide whether to give out a loan. The same applies to many contemporary payday lenders who are often legally obliged to checking the background of each client. This often prolongs the amount of time that you as a customer spend without cash on your hands.

Some smaller lenders quickly identified that there is a niche for small-sized cash same day loans that could help out thousands of people and make lenders richer. Obviously, such loans are riskier for both lenders and borrowers.

Lenders have to get their money back. The less obligations and background checks they use to identify the ability of their customers to pay back, the higher their risks become. Higher risks mean larger fees and bigger interest rates. On the other hand, the legal system created an environment where high risk often equals high reward without repercussions. This is why most states are trying to regulate the industry stricter and implement laws that would protect customers.

The latter suffer from multiple problems and financial illiteracy is certainly one of them. While there are services that help people to get multiple offers and make informed decisions, many borrowers do not bother to analyze all of possible scenarios and their risks. This leads to constantly increasing debts and overpaying in the long run.

Finding the middle ground for all parties involved (customers, lenders, and the government) has been a top priority for all market participants. However, people who need cash cannot wait until a proper tightly controlled environment is created. Most of people in this struggling American economy are in a dire need of money and often immediately.

This is where same day loans come into play.

What Are Same Day Loans?

An application for a credit may take your whole day. It may be declined meaning that a day has been essentially wasted. For a person in a rough spot such delays can be devastating. On the other hand, same day loans are special short-term small-size credit products offered by minor lenders. They will often hand out cash without checking your background or making you wait for several days. You need to apply, fill out a relatively small form, and wait for a confirmation. After that, you can receive money by any preferable mean.

One of the greatest things about same day loans is that many applications are processed in real time and online. This means that you can simultaneously apply for loans in several companies and get an answer from them in the same day.

Interest rates and fees can be quite high. We strongly recommend you to consider all your options and think whether you can afford a loan before committing.



Ohio Is Going to Make Changes in Payday Lending Regulations

The Ohio’s House decided to make sure that taxpayers are protected from various debt traps that they willingly fall into. With a multitude of diversification efforts from payday lenders, the amount of credit products has grown exponentially leading to a new arising problem – uninformed borrowers. Lots of people take on loans that they cannot pay back. This problem was especially prevalent in Ohio although it definitely took all states by a storm.

Lawmakers made several decisive measures in order to prevent people from taking loans that will negatively affect them in the long run. Such measures should have a positive impact on the industry as a whole since many businesses will have to diversify even more to dodge legal limitations. This will ensure that the variety of credit products will be as diversified as possible.

The main focus of lawmakers is on closing some legal holes that were apparently present in legislation. The new Bill makes sure that customers are better protected by setting several limitations:

To top it all off, the new law forces lenders to clearly state all conditions of the loan and consumers will need to confirm that they are fully aware of potential consequences of same day loans. This new ruling will be applied to both payday loans and credits on cars. There are more than 60 payday lenders that will gladly offer specialized credit product.

The Root of the Problem

One of the issues with legislation that are designed to protect consumers is that people are illiterate in terms of legal side of the money lending business. However, educating people is also not an answer since many borrowers are from poor low income neighborhoods or struggle financially regardless of the level of their education.

As of right now the bill is being studied by lawmakers. Initiators hope that it will be in full power before the end of 2018. The vast majority of experts believe that setting hard caps on interest rates and providing more transparency will dramatically reduce the likelihood of consumers to take loans that they will be unable to pay in the long run.

The problem is mostly in the lack of transparency. Some consumers are not aware of the fact that the overall interest rate can go up to 400% while various hidden fees and commissions get them deeper and deeper in the debt hole. The amount of money owed can grow to huge numbers if left without attention and this is something that creates undesirable consequences for many borrowers.

There is yet another problem that may be caused by these limitations. Restrictions may negatively affect chances of people to get their loans approved which will create a striving environment for black market loans and even more financially devastating products offered by semi legal lenders.

Notably, republicans decided to go against this bill while the majority of supportive lawmakers were democrats. The same pattern can be observed on a much higher scale.

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