14 Useful Tips on How to Fight Depression

According to Finder, about 12 million Americans apply for payday loans every year. Quite naturally, they take them out for sure, within 24 hours. Are all of them depressed? Of course not. Meanwhile, the obvious correlation between poverty, unemployment and depression on the one hand, and low income, poverty and debts on the other hand exists.

Basic Depression Causes

According to the recent Gallup’s survey (conducted in 2013) that was based on 356,599 Americans polling, people who have been unemployed for a long time, are much more likely to be depressed. Thus, only 11.1% of respondents who have been unemployed for less than 2 weeks feel depressed. Meanwhile, 19% of adult Americans who have lost full-time jobs more than 52 weeks ago and have no good employment opportunities yet, are being treated for depression.

Additionally, multiple emergencies that are the principal reasons payday loans are designed for, may cause depression, for example:

Poverty and low-income jobs may be treated by ambitious employees as unfulfilled expectations, resulting in various depressive disorders. Thus, short-time loans can only solve the financial issues, temporary, but they don’t relieve emotional distress.

Common Depression-Fighting Tips

When overwhelmed by depression due to money troubles, unemployment, debts or the other reasons, follow the mental health experts’ tips:

Feeling low, most people isolate themselves, avoid keeping company with former coworkers, business partners and even close friends. Depression may cause isolation and unhealthy habits such as drugs or alcohol abuse, long TV-watching, overeating.

On the contrary, psychiatrists and financial psychologists recommend focusing on the beneficial activities and hobbies. Exercises or chatting with friends may improve your mood, giving you a lot of inspiration and fun. Initially, try to feel healthy and vigorous. Meanwhile, your hobby may become your profitable business, solving all your challenging budget issues.

Additionally, both health and credit situations are to be analyzed and accepted, to be improved afterwards. Mortgage counselors can give you some pieces of professional advice, to negotiate your lenders and get better conditions and interest rates confirmed.

If you are still able to stop worrying and start enjoying every moment of your life, your mental health is not bad, anyway. However, only the medical professionals can fight severe depression that is a major illness. So, it’s advisable to contact them on time to avoid any harmful complications.

As to payday loans, don’t afraid to take them out as they don’t cause depression by themselves. The disease may be just attributed to the stressful situation and the emergencies you have to face. Being paid back on time, the debts are not destructive; the loans just help you to cover the urgent expenses.

As to the emotional distress that is common for various money troubles, disaster and sudden loss situations, try to fight it with the help of your friends and family. Otherwise, professional medical assistance may be necessary very soon.

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