200cashnow.com Finance Scholarship for Academic Year 2018/2019


At 200cashnow.com, we are serious about education and hard work. We are very well aware of all the hardships that some students have to overcome on their way to high education, and we are ready to help with this, at least a little bit.

Thus, we have decided to give away a scholarship for college students for the coming year.

This is the first-time award we are giving away; it is a one-time gift in the amount of $500. It will be granted to one student who will provide the most interesting and in-depth essay on the given topic. The students of all majors are encouraged to apply.

Basic Guidelines

Eligibility Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Students must include the following details into their email upon submission:

Essay Topic

Applicants must submit an in-depth, original and well written 700+ word essay on the following topic:

Essays with poor structure and logic, irrelevant in topic, or with poor grammar will be discarded.

Please, submit the essay to scholarship@200cashnow.com either attached in a word .doc file format or as a Google Docs link.

Digital Rights Agreement

By entering our scholarship students agree to transfer all property rights for essay and content to 200cashnow.com. They also give their consent to use the aforementioned materials at our discretion without prior notification.


For inquiries on the process please email scholarship@200cashnow.com

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